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This  is the Drinking’ with the Devil EP cover in all its glory – it was designed by Marie Le Men & Patrick Lynch – thanks guys!

drinkin with the devil EP whelans wexford street blues rock jazz music murder plan band dublin
Big photo of the Drinkin’ with the Devil EP cover from 2011

Music Videos

See a collection of music videos we made over the years.

God Help You 2017

Get back on your jilted lovers, take a trip to the fairground with me and my knife. First track off the album Ain’t that the Way (2017)

Drinkin’ with the Devil 2011

We recorded this video in the control room of the studio while making the EP. The words of the song were inspired by Man of Constant Sorrow and even though George Clooney wouldn’t appear in the video, it captures the stomping feel of the song really well.

A Little More Sunshine 2011

We really wish were a band in 1986 and had the chance to write some music for Little Shop of Horrors. Well we weren’t but we did the next best thing and made an unofficial bootleg video (for fun) using clips from the film and ‘A Little More Sunshine’ off the Drinkin’ with the Devil EP. Enjoy and please don’t sue us.

Out by the Airport 2010 (early recording)

This song was written after getting stranded in Stansted Airport late at night and watching all of the workers clear up and go about putting the place back in order. The airport is a weird, transient zone for everyone except the people that work there. This song is about them.

Twisted 2008 (early recording)

Somehow we reworked this song into a waltz when we played it live. I don’t know why, but we did. Not the version in the video though, this was the straight ass normal version, but just imagine a few Austrians spinning around in 3/4 time to JS Strauss from verse 2 onwards and you’ll get the picture.

God Help You 2007 (early recording)

This was the very first proper recording of any track, we did it back in 2007. It’s not mastered and the sound isn’t as developed as later years but it reminds us of good times when we were gigging every week and really getting on in the underground music scene.