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Sometimes you just get one of those amazing photos, this is that one time. Dara rocking like no other in the Button Factory

No gigs at the moment.

But scroll down to see some live videos and sure there’s a bad ass photo of Dara rocking out back in the day too – what more could ya want!


Live Music Videos

Soul Dance 2007 (Templebar Music Centre)

Our friend Harry covered on bass for this show – thanks Harry! Lightening hit the drum kit and we were transported into a new reality when the song picks up around 3mins 15 secs!! It was a strange time, I can’t remember escaping the vortex after the show but I know I’m no longer there.


Ain’t that the way Live 2007


Way back when Stephanie played bass. This is from the BoomBoomRoom in Dublin. I think this live version is about 1 minute longer than the album version, god knows what we were doing back then?!


vibraslap jump dublin murder plan alternative blues jazz rock
I think he saw a mouse. Steve jumping through the air with his vibraslap at the Dublin City Soul Festival 2010