We’re gone Drinkin’ and won’t be back..

Murder Plan

Murder Plan are a 5-piece rock band from Dublin. Their music is grounded in bastard blues featuring a vast range of influences from Tom Waits to the Beatles.

Fronted by Stephanie O’Keeffe, a soulful chanteuse with a distinctive natural voice, Hot Press described their sound as “..blues rock fusion with thoughtful & empowering lyrics”.

Toying with a variety of styles and themes, they frequently get down & dirty with some old-school rock. According to Naomi McArdle, “Murder Plan show how rock’n’roll should be done” (Harmless Noise).

Never a dull experience, their shows are energetic and somewhat manic affairs featuring a host of strange objects, from police megaphones to church organs and crazed dancing. They released their debut EP, Drinkin’ with the Devil in August 2011.

Two months later Stephanie has decided to move on from the band and they’ll make their final live appearance at 9pm tonight Oct 20th in the Mezz in Templebar.

*  *  *

“Every step and second of this record rings out with resolve, skill and tenacity” – Entertainment.ie

“Bluesy, soulful yet unreservedly accessible” – Think You Can Wait (WordPress)